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There is a car crash every 2 minutes in anchorage. That man is a terrible driver.

I’m planning on doing a mini rant on the new systems, all three of them later, bu for now there is some neat news to report. 

Both Microsoft and Sony are reporting they have sold at least 2 million consoles already! That’s something to be proud of right? For once they are trying to adequately fund the market with the system on launch date. Check it out at their respective news sites: 

Xbox News 

Playstation Blog 

Elder Scrolls Online announced for PC consoles on April 4th and the Xbox One and PS4 June 4th. Found a video from a quakecon. What do you think? 

via: Kotaku

Have you setup a video, or found a video you liked that is now gone? Youtubes new settings have been blocking anything including people just showing off games. That’s great advertising too, and big companies are realizing that. Ubisoft, Blizzard, Deep Silver and Capcom have been offering support to anyone who’s youtube video was taken down. They are trying to fix the problem with Youtube right now.

via: Gamespot news and Company websites
Youtube Copyright Claims

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero’s price will be 20 dollars digital, 30 dollars physical according to a recent tweet.

via: Joystiq

More news as it comes. Back to you anchorage.

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