I just discovered that there are people still upset about Bayonetta 2 being on the Wii U.

This came as a surprise to me honestly. I assumed it was just a minor annoyance and would dispel after a while only to have it brought up again. I’ve always enjoyed a good conversation, as it’s hard to do, I thought it would be more fun to do this myself and ask as many of these same questions and answer each one. I just figure I’ll have a conversational debate. Do the best I can to think of as many thoughts to this topic. 

I can’t believe Bayonetta 2 is going to be on the Wii U. That’s a terrible idea.

I don’t see how. The game looks pretty good so far. I never really played the first one much so it’s not really a big deal for me. 

That isn’t the point. The original game was on the 360 and PS3, if they respected the fans they would have made it available for those systems as well.

Well to be fair, most gamers have been spoiled in a good way by many third party games which came out for every console. Nintendo fans watched Final Fantasy and Mega Man which were specific to their systems go to the Playstation console. Exclusive games just happen as a company moves to where the money is. I have always thought of games as being art. Games need to occasionally do something new and different, or it just becomes commercialized art. People hated the look of the Wind Waker when it was first revealed, myself included. Now it’s not just a classic, it’s seen as one of the best in the series. A good game matters more than only trying to appease fans. There are gamers that don’t like change, but I want to believe that most only want a good game regardless of what changes. If the new Skyrim was suddenly made to look like a cel shaded anime, but still had the same level of detail, people might be annoyed, but in the end I think as long as the game was just as much fun, it would be accepted. 

Then why the Nintendo Wii U?

Why not? 

Nintendo does kiddie games which is why Grand Theft Auto will never be on it. Bayonetta 2 is wasted on the system.

Nintendo paid them a ton of money to get exclusive games. Wonderful 101 was made because of that and we are better for it. 

They shouldn’t have done that.

Not make Wonderful 101? Not take money? 

They shouldn’t have screwed over the fans by only having it on the Wii U.

Again, this is a contract. They said in an interview that the game would never have been made at all unless someone had paid for it. Nintendo stepped up. Isn’t it better to get a game you want, then not to get one at all? 

No, they should have put in a clause that it wouldn’t be an exclusive game.

That makes no sense. I’m not talking fans, I’m talking straight up cash. If they refused the money, they would not be in business for long. Why do you think Pepsi isn’t available at the local McDonalds? Contracts and money. That’s just business. 

Just stupid it’s on a kiddie system.

I never understood that concept, video games ARE for kids. They are toys. Therefore it’s all kiddie. Heck I think M rated games are geared towards kids more than adults anyway as the coolest kid is the one that gets to play those games, yet as an adult it isn’t normally discussed around the water cooler as often as the scores for the the football game and the hot new person in accounting. 

It isn’t kiddie, you play them.

Yes. I do. I also enjoy cartoons and super hero movies as well as cooking and the stock market. 

So you are an adult that plays them.

Yes, I also think I have a stuffed Yoshi doll and an Optimus Prime action figure. Those are toys as well. 

My point being that you don’t normally play with toys. They are defined as something children exclusively play with. Games have had to do a lot over the years to establish itself as a hardcore market. Nintendo constantly puts out Mario and Zelda games which are primarily towards kids, and the Wii was like a baby toy you swung around like a rattle. The xbox systems and the Sony systems are made for everyone but geared towards adults. The original xbox controller was supposed to be for a man’s adults sized hands. The playstation is even designed to be more like a computer or an entertainment center that can do everything. They are different, they are an electronic entertainment device, not a toy.

Technically toys are also defined as amusements and past times. Sure you can have play with toys or video games as a job, but it is generally not your profession, even making a game is programming or art, playing the game is for testers. For most people, gaming is the past time you do after work or school for kids, when you have the free time to play it. On a second thought, I never cared for the term ‘Electronic Entertainment Device”. I like to think of Video Games as art. 

Well. . .yeah, video games are art. That’s my point.

Well art is hard to define, plenty of people don’t see it as art regardless of how we perceive it. However I feel that almost any form of creative expression is art. Sometimes that means people don’t like it right off the bat, or it doesn’t sell as well. If all you do is churn out a cut and paste game, or constant sequels, then it feels more like you are making it for profit, which I think of more as entertainment than art. Oh entertainment CAN be art, but think of the game where they only add a few upgrades, polish a graphic here and there and then throw it out to make money. That’s why I call them toys, I want to believe that the majority of them are refined to make something beautiful and creative. Looking deeper at a console, or at a game that is art, and you’ll find all sorts of interesting stylized bits here and there. So, I feel games are toys, and if they are toys, then their primary target should be children, which it sorta is. When that is forgotten, you lose something. It’s why the media constantly freaks out when an adult styled game comes out for it. It’s like having an ICP song made for the Teddy Ruxpin doll BY the company. Adults would love that, and kids would find that hilarious, but it would freak the media out as it’s a toy. 

What’s Teddy Ruxpin?

. . .never mind, I’m old. Anyway, toys are everywhere, They are amusement, a pastime, playing baseball, kicking a can in the street, playing with a cardboard tube or a board game. Most sports are built off of toys, I think it’s pretty neat to be paid to play a game. But it had to start out as a kid just having fun in they’re free time. Having fun. Once you forget the kids, you risk losing your primary market. Kids may not attend the super bowl, but they play the game, they have their heroes, and grow up watching it. When you make something for kids, but allow access to adults, you do stuff like Lego does, making full motion pictures and games, yet still keeping it for kids to enjoy, but so adults can appreciate it as well. I respect G rated films that do that like Toy Story 3. Sony and Microsoft suddenly added motion play, not the greatest idea, but why? To get others to play, because more people go to the theaters, buy cel phones, and play on mobile devices like the DS systems. That and to get another 2 years life out of their systems. 

I don’t agree with you. The systems should focus on M rated games as the industry is run by mature games nowadays. Grand Theft Auto V was the best selling game of the year, and Call of Duty is always a big seller. Nintendo will always have its place as a kid based system, but it should only get mature games third party or remakes/ remastered games. Putting a hardcore or mature franchise exclusively on any Nintendo system is doomed to fail as the fans won’t buy it.

I sorta disagree with that. It is true that many series did not sell as well as they had hoped on the Nintendo, yet I hear people saying how Nintendo needs to ‘step up’ and stop pushing kid games. Yet when they do, people get upset or say ‘why bother’? At the end of the day, you want to focus on games like Tetris, a game for everyone rather than a game for one kind of person. In essence, I’m fine with mature games, there should always be a place for them in the industry. However I see old Grand Theft Auto games that sit around forever in my shop, and yet I can’t keep Spyro, or Crash Bandicoot longer than a day or two. We want to buy the games we played as kids, and we want to see those games come back. Skylanders is HUGE, and I’ve never played it, probably never will. I don’t really play Pokemon any more either. Yet both are CRAZY best selling, Skylanders is already over 1.5 billion dollar industry and growing as long as Activision doesn’t screw it up like they did Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. . . Listen, I could be wrong, the numbers show that M rated games tend to run the industry, and that M rated games sell poorly on Nintendo consoles, however I don’t see a problem with trying to do a little more and spending a little money to get there.
Just saying. . .
Throw me your thoughts in the comments.

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