So anyone who knows me even a little knows that I am a crazed Persona Fan. Persona 3 was a glitch. I had just seen pictures of the previous titles on strategy guides at a local Carrs. Other than that, nothing. Then while reading a comic strip online, they joked about the nature of the game about committing suicide to summon friendly spirits and cast spells. 

Needless to say, this intrigued me. 

That sounds a bit messed up, but the point was that I am drawn to the unusual, the different. If it was a terrible game then that would have been the end of it. And to be fair, now I see SO many glitches and issues with the game I could write a ten page college thesis paper single spaced just about my grievances with the boss battle system (so the boss can cast a charm spell on the whole party, which I can’t block, and she can cast it twice, stacking it, meaning that I could literally just walk away from the controller as I have no input in the slightest. That was a well thought out idea). 

However setting it in present time, having to go to high school, getting to know people and spending time growing and fighting in an ever building tower. Featuring a powerful buisness leader still in her teens, a robot, a crazy attack dog, and a hidden hour with giant gobs of ink swallow people whole? Yeah I was curious. 

The last game in the series was released around 2008 and is one of my all time favorite games. The newest persona’s have been announced, and true to kingdom hearts formula will be on nearly every system (no Wii U or 360 games so far) 

Persona 5 is officially for the PS3 exclusively. Here’s the official site: 

Persona 5 Japanese Site 

Here’s the trailer: 

I. . .I think they got the translation a bit wrong. . .probably meant ‘do you want to be free?’. So there isn’t much information given. Persona is Persona so I’m going to pick it up.

Another game is Persona Q, an RPG game that will combine the characters of Persona 3 and 4. Sweet! Hope it is cannon, but Atlus is staying quiet for now. Let’s watch that trailer!


Whoa. That was pretty dark right? Looked good, and then. . .so. . .the characters are all chibi? For those of you unfamiliar with Japanese slang and terminology, ‘chibi’ means ‘ridiculously cutesy for no reason’. 

I think Sega had a hand in this. . . 

So now, we go to the Vita. The poor step child of Sony that they just can’t figure out what to do with. Atlus has been great to it, the Persona 4 Golden was a massive success and incredibly done with new animated scenes, longer story, and amazing updated graphics with new endings, including an evil ending. . . They should get something great! Let’s take a look at the trailer! 

Wait. . what? Was that. . .a dancing game? It’s Miku! Project diva persona style on the vita. So. . .no rpg? I imagine this game is cannon to the series. . . 

To be fair, I might pick it up just for the wonky japanese dialogue. 

“Dancing yo check it out” 

“Can you imagine the step? It’s genius!” 

“wow your smile is making round you!” 

I may not be hearing them right, but that’s what it sounds like. . . 

More as it develops. Back to you anchorage. 

*theme music playing* 

Later Gamers! 

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