1994 was a different time. No way to take a selfie, pagers were instead what people carried with them rather than a cel phone and saber toothed tigers hunted the villages for prey. Forrest Gump, Lion King and The Mask dominated the silver screen while Snoop Dog controlled the airwaves, the tv land was filled with The X-files and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. 

It was also the year the Playstation debuted on the market, and it surprised the industry as being the little engine that could. Beating out several other machines that were vying for the top spot including the 3DO, the Sega Saturn, the Phillips cdi and the Atari Jaguar.
It was started many game series such as Resident Evil, Spyro and Crash, while revitalizing others, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Lunar. But in those years when it was out, what games set it apart? What were the titles that became the rarest and most expensive titles? Let’s find out shall we, as we explore. . . 


11. Herc’s Adventures 

Released: July 31 1997
Developer: Big Ape Productions
Publisher: LucasArts
A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away, Lucas Games was a bastion of interesting silly and fun ideas. This was before they just popped out star wars babies over and over. I still miss the days of Loom, Maniac Mansion, the Dig, Monkey Island, I could go on. . . 
Herc’s Adventures was one of those fun silly titles by them. In the same vein as Zombies Ate my Neighbors, it was a top-down shooting adventure game. Two players could go at the same time, choosing Hercules, Jason, or Atlanta each with their own skill set and brand of fighting. Most of the time you would run around wasting things and gaining power-ups while doing errands for the gods, then you ended up fighting all over the place, taking on the Hydra, Medusa, Space Aliens, absolutly crazy and silly. It had a unique brand of humor and to top it all off, the character ‘Herc’ was voiced by Dan Castellaneta of Simpson’s fame. So much fun and virtually unknown as it was overshadowed by the Disney cartoon shortly afterwards. 

The game itself was pretty nice, but it sold poorly even with it being released on both the Playstation and the Sega Saturn. Good luck finding this gem. 

Collectors Value
Complete 125
New 450 

10. Tales of Destiny 

Release Date: September 1998
Developer: Wolf Team
Publisher: Namco
Tales had it’s start on the Super Famicom in Japan where is amazingly fit an entire pop song on the cart. It has been immensely popular in Japan, yet had a slow start in America. You played as a young 19 year old stowaway on an airship which is suddenly attacked. Finding a sword to defend himself, he is shocked to find the sword talks (standard RPG fodder) and escaped the ship with it, beginning a his journey. 

It sold quite well in Japan and had high ratings in america due to the action oriented combat system which allowed you to pick and choose attacks and combo your opponents for extra points. 

Collectors Value
Complete 100
New 400 

9. Persona 2 

Release Date: November 30th 2000
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Atlus
The Shin Megami Tensei series was a highly popular role playing game for the Super famicom in Japan. It gained a sequel on the same system, finding it’s niche quickly. As the popularity spread, so too did the ideas of the developers. As new systems became available, they would branch off and attempt new and different ideas, still with the mindset of the original, but under a new name and a new concept. 

After the first Person, there was two games released after. Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Innocent Sin never made it stateside, but Eternal Punishment did. A female reporter investigating brutal deaths at the hands of a mysterious figure called, ‘Joker’ who is rumored to grant wishes. She and two others are attacked, with the Jester-like antagonist threatening them, telling them they did something terrible to him in their past. 

It sold a decent amount, for atlus, in Japan and got better rating, being a more pure release than the predecessor. 

Collectors Value

8. Mega Man Legends 2 

Release Date: October 2000
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
The Mega Man series has always been quite popular as has the Capcom brand. When Mega Man 8 was released on the Saturn, Capcom needed a system that could sell more than a few copies in America. The PlayStation was that answer, yet at the time, Sony had a clause making certain that only 3D games would be allowed on their platform (or some such nonsense, discworld predated it and it was 2d.). But Sony was no fool. They knew how important the mega man brand and capcom itself, so the brokered a deal. They would allow mega man, if sony made an exclusive 3d style mega man for the PlayStation system. The creator of Mega Man stated it was his favorite work.
With faces like that, how can you not love them?
The second game was far more polished. A deeper storyline, real villains, and better gameplay set this game up to be a true masterpiece. The only problem, it ended on a cliffhanger! One assumes that since he was able to make a sequel, he felt that sony and capcom would keep the money flowing and he’d be able to continue his work. Ah such young dreams. We almost got the sequel on the 3DS, but it never happened. 

Collectors Value
Game 65
Complete 90
New 300 

7. Team Buddies 

Released: September 2000
Developer: Psygnosos Camden Studio
Publisher: Midway
You know, at first glance, I though it was a Disney thing. The dogs and the puppies that play basketball and save Christmas and do all that weird stuff that dogs apparently do. Imagine my surprise to find that it’s a crazy tactical shooter game. It already has a huge fanbase and is loads of fun. So few copies were released and ever sold, it has become very hard to find a copy                                                                                                                                         anywhere nowadays. Think of a game that combines Rayman, Worms and Conker’s Bad Fur Day and you get a sense of just how great this game is. A real time strategy multiplayer mayhem game. Take a look at it below
Look at it.
Bomberman crazy
It’s so awesome.
That is a tank of some sort riding over a small town.
Collectors Value
Game: 80-110
Complete: 140
New: 375 

6. Valkyrie Profile 

Released: August 2000
Developer: TriAce
Publisher: Enix
We Americans are awfully picky. Something is a worldwide success selling millions around the globe, and we barely take notice, buying only about 73,000. To put that in perspective, Superman 64 was released one year earlier and sold 330,000 copies in america. Yike. 

The game started of quietly enough. An impoverished village and two friends attempt to escape before being sold in slavery, the 14 year old girl Plantina breathes in the toxic air and dies in her friends arms. We suddenly jump to Asgard with Valkyrie being tasked by Odin and Freya to gain a weapon for a war. Just from that you can tell this is an action packed heart jerking game. Plus it’s made my the Enix corporation so you know its good. 

Collectors Value
Game: 95
Complete: 110
New: 300 

5. Brigandine Legend of Forsena 

Released: October 1998
Developer: Hearty Robin
Publisher: Atlus
When I did an image search I got a lot of clothing pictures. Like shirts or vest with plaid stripes. Seriously try it! 
You’re going to find Atlus at the top spot of rare titles usually. They grabbed the best games, but tended to only release enough games to make a profit. Long as they sold the right amount,                                                                                                                                                                                     they would break even and do lunch. So this game is a tactical role playing game using a grid system with multiplayer support. You start off as Zemeckis, a commander with the Kingdom of Almekia. So there are these guys called ‘Rune Knights’, pretty powerful people and one comes by to talk to him called Cador who is also a ‘death knight’ and accuses Zemeckis of treason. Well upset that he was falsely judged, Zemeckis decides to at least get in trouble for what he was accused of and rebel’s against the King of Alkekia. Simple enogh of course, but if you know tactical RPG’s and Atlus there is more to this then you think. 

Collectors Value
Game: 90
Complete: 150
New: 300-400 

4. Tales of Destiny 2
Released: September 2001
Developer: Wolf Team
Publisher: Namco
This game take place 18 years after Stahn’s exploits and follows his son, Kyle as he, wait. . .what? It isn’t? Oh, Tales of Destiny 2 is a PS2 game that was never released in America. So this game was called, Tales of Eternia in Japan. What’s wrong with naming it that in America? Oh. . right. Mattel and He-Man. So Tales of Destiny 2 it is!
Masters of the Universe!
Brand new world with brand new characters and barely saw an american release sadly. It was highly rated and even had a 13 episode anime series which was completely unrelated to the plot of the game. 

Collectors Value
Game: 125
Complete: 160
New: 400 

3. Suikoden 2 

Released: September 2000
Developer: Psygnosos Camden Studio
Publisher: Midway
Yoshitaka Murayama was the lead on the Suikoden series since its inception and pulled many different ideas to create his series. He was inspired final fantasy and by a line of code in Enix’s 1992 RPG Dragon Quest V, as well as the series as a whole. In DQV, each time the gamer loses and dies, the dialog from the priest upon being brought back to life is slowed down a little. Murayama liked the idea that in a good game, the little details are what matters most. He felt that the main character drove the plot, but that the secondary characters set the tone. It would help give his games a greater sense of realism and emotional depth. Great care was taken to figure out each level curve of each character, in order to keep you from using the same character over and over again, to mix it up and switch people out, and hopefully invoke some different feelings as well. One such instance was having to use a character that you don’t like, only to have them die making you feel guilty. At least that was the hope. 

The Suikoden series is one of Konami’s hidden gems that is currently on some long hiatus, it’s last game being for the DS I think (correct me if I’m wrong of course) and despite being an amazing amazing game with very high reviews and fantastic graphics, it saw a limited print in america and didn’t sell well. Thus it’s price has only increased. 

Collectors Value
Game: 125
Complete: 150
New: 450 

2. Misadventures of Tron Bonne 

Released: April 2000
Developer: Capcom Production Studios 2
Publisher: Capcom
Did you know there was a little game between the two mega man legends game? It featured the anti hero protagonist Tron in a series of puzzle games as well as a demo of the new Legends game. It was a cute marketing attempt to boost sales for the game. I’d tell you more but I never got around to playing much of it. Still want too one of these days, I’ll do a review. It’s the MOST expensive and hardest to find title on the playstation one system.
It’s just adorably expensive!
Collectors Value
Game: 165
Complete: 200
New: 650 

1. Elemental Gearbolt Assassin Case 

Released: September 2000
Developer: Psygnosos Camden Studio
Publisher: Midway
So the Elemental Gear Bolt game, if you search for it now, is like a 10 to 20 dollar game. I won’t bore you with the semantics, but it was a good game and is easy to get. However this: 

. . .is not.
THIS is the hardest item on the market to find for the Playstation 1 as it was only given out as a contest by Working Designs’. It featured the steel case, a gold guncon, and a gold memory card. These Assassin Cases are among the most rare and prized collectibles from the PlayStation era. 

Collectors Value
As with top spot items, there isn’t always one available to buy. I watched a case go on eBay for 4-5000 dollars and would have loved to bid on it, but it was too rich for my blood. 

That’s it for the top spots of the Playstation 1! What shall we do next? 😀

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