This was a Facebook post without any prices or pictures so I’m going to try adding all that in there. For anyone who read it, more info for ya, for those who haven’t be surprised by the list. 


Either you know what he says or you don’t

My rule for this one however is that they cannot be collectors editions (mana khemia scholarship edition), or bundles with extra equipment(beatmania, band hero with equipment). Just standard releases of games. We’ll start with number 11! Why? I dunno, I like the ‘guy with glasses’. Plus I wanted to include a game that you probably haven’t heard of, and I needed 11 to do it.

Here we go! 

11. Kuon

Released: Dec 7 2004 
Developer: From 
Publisher: Agetec 


Kuon is a survival horror game, just a different style. You switch between a yin and a yang character and then unlock one of the more famous practitioners in spirit channelling or Onmyōdō, and in folklore, Abe no Seimei.



Collectors Value 
Disc: 40 
Complete: 50 
New: 75

10. Suikoden V

Released: March 21 2006 
Developer: Konami and Hudson Soft 
Producer: Konami 


With the disappointing sales of Suikoden 4 and Suikoden tactics which received lower reviews, people skipped 5, which is a shame because it was pretty good. A new story based off of a classic Chinese novel, you play as a prince who is trying to win a tournament and the throne while others scheme to take it for themselves. With 60 characters, it was a fun addition to the series and with both low sales and great gameplay made it more valuable.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 25 
Complete: 55 
New: 90 

9. Monster Rancher 4

Released: Nov 3 2003 
Developer: Tecmo 
Producer: Tecmo 


The last of the great CD monster making games. Well there was EVO, but. . .meh. I’m uncertain as to whyt he series never took off, it had a strange but fun cartoon and card game along with a great concept of using cds from around the house to make your creatures, plus taking care of them made each one feel special. I only wished they had a slower pacing to the game. And speaking of monster titles. . .

Collectors Value 
Disc: 45 
Complete: 60 
New: 150

8. Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Released: Semptemer 3 2004 
Developer: Bandai 
Producer: Bandai 


Like Onimusha Blade Warriors, this was another game that was a lot of fun and was similar to the Smash Brothers game play. What’s that? Digimon like Augumon and Greymon fighting smash brothers style?! Yeah, thought I had your attention. . .This was a great game and was available to all three systems at the time. 

Collectors Value

Disc: 55-60 
New: 150

7. Haunting Ground

Released: May 10th 2005 
Developer: Capcom 
Producer: Capcom 


We talked about this. Survival horror, creepy gardener, helpful puppy. Game is creepy as you have to hide from the monster. Reminded me of Clock Tower . . . oh wait, they were worked on by the same guy Noboru Sugimura. FTW

Collectors Value 
Disc: 50 
Complete: 70 
New: 150

6 .hack // G.U. Vol. 3 // Redemption

Released: September 8 2007 
Devloper: Bandai and CyberConnect2 
Producer: Bandai 


This marked the end of the G.U. Series which came after the original four part game series and the end of Haseo’s journey and grants him the power to cleanse the internet and the comatose patients with a spell called ‘the rebirth’.

You. . .ou sort of have to play it to understand. This is part three of the trilogy.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 55 
Complete: 65 
New: 80

5. Wild Arms Alter Code F

Released: Nov 15 2005 
Developer: Agetec 
Producer: Agetec 


The first Wild Arms is still remembered fondly in the annals of PlayStation RPG history as well as being a fun anime afterwards. A cowboy themed RPG with robots. Sweet. So it is still a surprise that most people don’t realize that Alter Code F is an enhanced remake of the original game with new 3d environment, 5 new playable characters and new puzzles and dungeon layouts. It also came with a Wild Arms anime not released in america. However since it kept getting delayed and forgotten worse than a Lunar game, it isn’t entirely our fault.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 55 
Complete: 60 
New: 80

4. Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Released: March 25 2003 
Developer: Blue Tongue 
Publisher: Universal, and Konami 

And here comes the WTF (‘WTF’ obviously means ‘Well That’s Fantastic’ right) moment for most people. The game was simple, create a theme park/zoo featuring dinosaurs and keep it safer than the book and film versions. Built like a more extreme version of the popular theme park simulations, you had to go to mines and gather DNA to create new dinos in a lab. I wonder how many people built it up, then just let everything rampage just for fun. Hence why it is sought after.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 50 
Complete: 75 
New: 250

3. .hack // G.U. Vol 1. // Rebirth

Released: October 24 2006 
Developer: Blue Tongue 
Publisher: Universal, and Konami 

This was the first part of the second game series about a player names Haseo who is tracking down another player called Tri-edge who left a friend of theirs in a comatose state by defeating them in the game.

Again, if you don’t know it, it’s a bit difficult to explain. Just have to try it one of these days. The first game in the first quartet is only about 10-15 dollars.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 75 
Complete: 85 
New: 150

2. Rule of Rose

Released: Sept 12 2006 
Developer: Punchline 
Producer: Atlus 


Another survival horror game about a girl named Jennifer, a 19 year old who lost her parents and her memories in a plane crash and is guided there by a small boy, then shoved in a coffin and wakes up on an airship ruled by a cruel group of kids called the Red Crayon Aristocrats. The designers were trying to use the Grimm Fairy tales which were very dark to make the game, but a lot of reviewers felt like the lack of blood made it a boring game. Oh and the controversy involving the young age of the females to a goth Lolita concept as well made this game sell very few copies.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 95 
Complete: 120 
New: 200

1. .hack Quarantine

Released: January 13 2004 
Developed: Bandai and CyberConnect2 
Producer: Bandai 

The end of the first four chapter series. It received high marks. Like Mass Effect, you could transfer your character data from game to game, as each game had a level limiter, making it neat to move from each game and still play the story. Yet, with a Japanese series this long, they kept releasing fewer and fewer numbers of each game. It is now one of the most expensive single title games on the console. It makes it difficult if you want to play it all the way through.

Collectors Value 
Disc: 90-110 
Complete: 125-135 
New: 190-250

That’s it for the PS2. That was fun! I like doing this even though it took like 2 and a half hours between customers to write. Later Gamers! 

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