I’m a super hero junkie. I STILL have not gone out to see Thor yet. There are some neat characters that I would enjoy seeing up on the screen eventually. While I worry about them being done correctly, it is still something I am hopeful for. 

Also, there are characters that I am just plain surprised are officially making it to the silver screen. Check it out below! 

Top five characters I’d like to see in Film or TV 

5. Moon Knight 

I’ve always enjoyed the concept of Moon Knight if for nothing else than a Batman cousin. I remember the really weird cover drawn by McFarlane.

Moon Knight controls the element of milk.

He’s rich, human, has a sidekick kid and fights crime. Even has this odd moon plane you can see in the trailer. However his story diverts in that he used to be a mercenary killing people. Marc Specter died and was resurrected to be the Avatar of the Egyptian moon god and fight villains. It was pretty awesome as he really enjoyed scaring people and then beating them up. This would be the easiest thing to write and enjoy making as he even has his own rogues gallery like the Black Spectre, a Vietnam vet who goes crazy and runs for mayor. You can’t tell me that doesn’t write a cool story, just look at him!

Could they make him look that cool on the screen?

4. Alpha Flight

We all know the X-Men, they are eponymous to the Marvel franchise as is Wolverine, but I think we forget about the team he belonged too. To be fair, they were just a part of his backstory, however they decided to run with them, give them stories and character traits, although a lot I could see retconned with much better writing. At times I think that was its only function was to connect to Wolverine, but why not reinvent them for the screen? The idea of one member being a huge hulk like Sasquatch would just be fantastic.

Man this show feels weird now that I know that both this and Spider-man on Fox were not allowed to throw punches.
3. Apocalypse


This was one awesome villain. The ability to control every molecule in his body, he is a more terrifying upgrade to Magneto. Where magneto wants to protect mutants and enslave humanity, Apocalypse has no such delusions and only selects the most powerful of either, eliminating or destroying the rest. Living for thousands of years, he is fused with alien technology making him immortal. At one fantastic point in the comics, he was ravaged and at his weakest having not been able to regenerate properly, and still beat down an entire room full of X-Men, or as he put it “Six x-men in sixty seconds. . . ” This guy needs a film. I heard that the 2016 X-Men film’s title has Apocalypse in it. Let’s hope right? 

This scene was when Magneto fought him in the Evolution series. Not even a contest. 

2. Silver Sable

She’s one tough mercenary, running things and taking on villains who want a chance at making a new life, and still getting paid. She is not really a hero, as usually her actions can cause he to be at odds with them, but she isn’t a villain either. She just does what she wants. I think she would be awesome as an extra at first, or just a way to utilize villains like Sandman whom she hires regularly. People really like Silver Sable, I can’t find a clip that doesn’t have music or narration on it. Here’s one of her from the video game Ultimate Spider-Man. 

1. Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe

This one I would love to see made happen. Doreen Green was just an ordinary girl, well, a mutant with a squirrel tail who communicated and commanded an army of squirrels, who loved super heroes and Iron man, who goes on to become one of the craziest super heroines. The fanbase for her is through the roof with fans speculating that she is the strongest super hero in the marvel universe as her foes always under estimate her and she ends up using strength and strategy to win EVERY TIME! What may have started off as a fun light hearted idea has grown into something truly spectacular, as her list of people that she has beaten include but not limited too:

Doctor Doom

You give her a light hearted cartoon or live action show and include her partners Tippy Toes and Monkey Joe, throw in an Iron Man cameo, and you got yourself a billion dollar film! Let Doreen Green let lose the squirrelpacalypse!


Ones that they are ACTUALLY putting on the screen or have already been!

5. Batroc Leaper

A favorite character to use in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, he’s hard not to enjoy as odd as he is portrayed. Originally used in Captain American, this mercenary had powerful legs and used them in his battles. In the show he’s a bit goofy, like throwing Spider-Man’s a few odd zingers, “Ha! Fool! French Fries were a product of Belgium!” and causing mayhem where ever he went. 

Hilarious right? However in the comics he is actually pretty tough. He takes on some of the best of the best.
This happened. Google it.
He is confirmed as a character in the upcoming Captain America Winter Soldier film played by French Canadian UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre

4. Big Hero 6 

Appearing with Sunfire and Alpha Flight, this team was a team made in Japan as making hero groups was becoming a bit of an arms race what with Avengers, Alpha Flight and Excalibur. Here’s a quick clip of, well, pretty much a city. Still it does look pretty right? 

Sunfire, Silver Samurai and more were on this powerhouse team, and with characters like Fredzilla and Wasabi no Ginger, it was pretty nuts and well worth the time to read. Disney is turning the team into a full animated film when Don Hall who had previously done the new Winnie the Pooh movie, selected it and made a pitch for it.

Pooh is stone cold!

3. Bishop

A huge time travelling mutant who came back to kill the traitor who betrayed eh X-men and caused the sentinel uprising. To be fair, like Cable, I had no clue what his powers were. He was huge and had a lot of guns to shoot at people with an M tattoo over his face.

When I looked it up, it stated he could absorb energy and direct it out at others. He has already been cast in the new X-Men film, Days of Future Past, which makes sense given that he is a time traveler.

2. Havoc 

Cyclops’ brother who runs a team called the X-Factor (isn’t that a show on Fox?) and when I read the comics was dating the daughter of Magneto Polaris (more green haired girls) and who shoots powerful plasma bursts by absorbing cosmic energy. 

Cyclops has a redhaired girlfriend, Havoc’s girlfriend is Green haired. Hilarious. 

For some reason, because they are brothers, his powers won’t hurt Cyclops any more than his brother’s eyebeams will hurt him, at least in the comics. I never saw the First Class film so no idea if they had it there or not. 

1. Nova 

Richard Ryder was a normal kid just getting by when he met an alien who was a part of an intergalactic police force called the Nova Corps. The entire group had been wiped out by the pirate Zorr and Richard had to figure out the powers to protect his home and the world. 

Nova has been a token in marvel’s comics for a while, since 1966 although he made his true comic debut seven years later. However they have rarely used in the media outside of comics until recently. Glenn close will play Nova Prime and John C Reilly will be Rhoman n Dey the leader of the Nova Corps in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. 

The future of movie super heros is looking quite interesting. 

Later Gamers!

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