Holidays are fast approaching. Lot of strange and magical things exist, but what to get for the person in your life? The point is to get something they want, but also something they are not expecting. Also this is the time of year to go big or go home. I’ve been finding the weirdest gifts online, and have complied a list today of some of the most expensive video game styled gifts available.

10. Mine Craft Creeper Life Size
Price: 400
Where: Yummy Cupcake Site

Sitting on your couch, creeping your room.

Yes, now you too can have a giant creeper to cuddle against and love until they blow up all your stuff. This gift is custom made and takes four months to complete and finish! Just another accessory for those that already have the mine craft sword and pick axe and need something to keep an eye out for while building. This is probably the cheapest it’s going to get.

9. Arcade Machine Coffee table
Price: 2700
Where: Arcade Coffee Tables

Yes, this will hide your gaming love

This is one of those sorts of things that is actually classy and hide-able. The person you buy this for will have a discreet geeky piece of furniture to have coffee on as was intended and socialize until it’s over and they can bust out the arcade cabinet underneath and surf the web. They have multiple styles and listings depending on the needs and the amount of money you have to spend.

8. Life Size Mario
Price: 2884.20
Where: Life Size Mario on Amazon

Because a life size lara croft might be creepy

Ok this this is on a Japanese Amazon site. I couldn’t pass it up however. Sucker is pretty awesome and would make a great gift for someone looking to have a friendly door greeter for all holidays. Dress them up in a Halloween outfit or wrap them in tinsel. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves gaming and has a lot of free time.

7. Mega Man X Hologram
Price: 3000
Where: Gauntlet Gallery Mega Man X

X stop whining and get to work! Rock was NEVER this big a complainer!

Relive the classic moments of X’s self discovery. A fantastic hologram that displays Dr. Light in the same fashion he appeared before X. Match it up with a Mega Man hoodie or cosplay and you have some serious photo shoots as well as a nifty bauble to place on your desk at work. Good way to suss out the cooler people in your work space.

6. Nintendo Controller functioning coffee table
Price: 3500
Where: Nintendo Coffee Table from Etsy


This is so awesome. It inspires awe. It is a transcendent light to gaze upon. A giant coffee table made from maple, mahogany and glass. Crafted as you would any other nice piece of furniture, but there’s no hiding your love with this one. With workable buttons, this is an awesome way to bring the house together nicely. You can get a non functional one for about 2300, but if you were getting one in the first place you’d want to go all the way. Let King Yamma explain why this desk rocks.

5. Beer arcade machine
Price: 3499.99
Where: Drinky Arcade

This is what it looks like after eight hours of drinking and gaming

Yeah, drinking and gaming can be a fun mix if used for good and not evil. Plug and Play, Plug and Pour, drink while you game. This one is not as specific as the ones that reward you for playing, no, this one you reward yourself. You just beat your high score on Donkey Kong? Have a drink! Whoa! Beat that tough level, pour a brew! Whomever you get this for will be the life of the party if we assume you have awesome friends. If you are buying this for them they dang well better be awesome.

4. Bumber car for 360 racing games
Price: 16,254.42
Where: Xbox 360 Racing Bumper Car

Who needs college?!

Bumper cars are sooo much fun. Even older I am never tired of them. When I think of driving in one for a game there’s a part of me that just loses it. Getting this gift for someone insures that they will love playing racing games whenever they can.

3. Ultimate Computer Stations
Price: 44,750
Where: Emperors Computer

Want to see me launch a space station?

Is your best friend still using that sissy 8000-dollar-custom-built-top-of-the-line-out-of-the-box-a-week-from-now piece of junk?! What kind of world do we live in to suffer such an indignity? We are not animals! This is the gaming and computer station of the future! This is the same one used on NCIS episodes so you KNOW it’s good!

2. Indoor Golf Simulator
Price: 59,000
Where: Full Swing Golf

Just order food online and sell stuff on eBay and you’ll never have to leave

Living in Alaska means dealing with winter. It ruins golfing season. Sure there’s indoor golf, but you still have to share your space with other people, and other people tend to rush you along. I hate that don’t you? Well now your best buddy won’t have to wait anymore now that you have gotten them an Indoor Golf simulator. No more will they have to wait on you or anyone else and can play in the comfort of their own home. Setup the weather and the wind and have a great day golfing. Just save the receipt if they don’t call you or invite you over. Seriously.

1. Formula One Car Simulator
Price: 144,000
Where: Formula Car Simulator Gaming Rig

QUICK! Hook up Mario Kart!

For the ultimate race car fan, this is the ultimate simulator. Designed by race car enthusiasts and licensed technicians, its the most realistic way to drive without fear of pesky outdoors or crashes. With a full metal built car and surround display setup, it perfectly puts you in the drivers wheel of a formula car. They can set this baby up and have your best friend racing in no time.

Crazy things. Later Gamers!

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